Delete or rename .log and .cue files with an action


I hate having lots of "not musical" files in my music folders, so I usually allow just the front cover and delete the rest.
For cue and log files, I made an action to embed them in a tag (cue and log tag) and then I delete them.

To fully authomatize this operation, I'd like let mp3tag delete (or at least rename adding some tag like ADDED) the files it just added, so I don't have to delete them one by one by hand (and I'm sure they have been embedded and I don't have to check every time I don't remember if I applied the action).
Would it be possible to do that with some action?

What's the harm of having non-audio files in your audio folders? I keep covers, artwork scans, cue sheets and ripping logs with the audio tracks.

I've never tried that myself, but I guess I'd look toward making a Tool that runs an external program, say a batch file or script. You could set parameters that feed it the location (or names?) of the target files to be deleted.

Maybe I'm missing something (entirely possible!), but it seems like actions and functions are meant to operate on files open and selected within mp3tag, so I'm not really seeing a way to use one of those.

how do you embed them? with the import text file action?

there is no action for deleting files in mp3tag which you can put in an action group.
but you can make mp3tag show that files if you add them at:
Tools > Options > Tags: Restrict incoming files to:

If you have them in mp3tag you can easily delete them with ctrl + del. And you can search for them with the filter (F3) with:
%_extension% IS log
%_extension% IS cue

Thank you. I was asking for an action because that would be useful if done with one click together with the "embed" action. If I have to embed the tag, and the use a tool or delete them by hand, even if from mp3tag, then it's more or less the same as doing it directly from the folder.

Thank you anyway.

You can make a conditional format filename action that only affect log and cue files:

Action: Format Value
Formatstring: $if($eql(%_extension%,cue),C:\delete me\%_filename%,%_filename%)

This would move all .cue files into the folder "C:\delete me" and leave all other files untouched.

Hey, that's a good one to know, pone! I didn't realize you could move those files with an action like that.....might come in handy some day.

Thanks as always for your knowledgeable posts! I always learn a lot just from following along. :slight_smile:

This is what I was looking for! Thank you very much!