Delete part of string

Is it possible for Mp3Tag (2.51) to solve a timetaking manuel proces for me?

I am editing a lot of music and have a lots of LPs with mixed artist..... and the title and artist
is always listed in "title" as this: The Raiders - Hocus Pocus (The Raiders is the artist and Hocus Pocus is the title)

How can i separate??

A solution would be to say: Delete alle charaters left of the "-" ...... then i can move to other fields and cnage left to right :slight_smile:

Is that possible?????

Best regards

Use an action of the type "Guess value" for %title%
Pattern: %artist% - %title%

and if you want to get rid of the first part altogether and not overwrite that what is stored in ARTIST already:

Pattern: %dummy% - %title%

1000 thanks "Ohrenkino"it works perfect :slight_smile: Wauuuuuu