Delete problem

I was tagging about 200 tracks this morning.
Was performing multiple actions (typical for me, nothing new) and Mp3Tag hung.
Left it for about 10 mins then used task manager to close.

Here is the problem – all the files being tagged disappeared from my hard drive. Did a full windows search, not a trace, (luckily for me I had a copy on an external drive).

I have used Mp3Tag, as it is the best, for thousands and thousands of tracks and never had a problem.

I wonder what went wrong – a bug in my computer or a bug in Mp3Tag.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

Can you reproduce this with the action set?

I must admit that I never completely lost a single file in the many years I'm using my program now.

Kind regards,

As you know I consider this to be the best programme of its type. I have used it for naming thousands of tracks - including Karaoke tracks. Never had a problem. Used it to rename the karaoke tracks that "disappeared" and everything went 100% correct - as normal.
Will let you know if it happens again.


OK - so I found out what happened.
It appears that the folder containing the files was moved to my desktop. (When I did a windows search I only searched the "drives": Xp must not search the desktop??). My desktop is a little cluttered with shortcuts so did not immediately see this "new" folder amongst all the rest.
So now I know what happened but still not why or how.

Still at least nothing was "deleted" and should the same thing happen again, which I doubt, I will know where to look.