Delete text from the title tag

Hello :frowning:

I have around 70 mp3 files, with a really long title for each file.
First I have the Song name and then different texts, with different brackets.


Does someone know, how i could remove the last part?
I dont wanna edit that on my own the whole night...
Sorry if my english has some errors :smiley:

Create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE.
Enter as search string:
This assumes that the word "live" plus a leading character are the separators.
It reacts to the first "live" in the string.

Leave Replace string empty.

Dankee :slight_smile:

Hat super funktioniert :w00t:

Be care full to look on which files you use it.

A title like i.e. "Susannah's still alive" will change to Susannah's still ".