Delete the value of the whole column

Hi everybody !

I'm new so maybe the question has maybe already been asked but it can always help other people !

I'm creating new columns like "Publisher" and so on and I would like to know how to delete the value of the whole column (I'm taking my music from a lot of different sources and I have a lot of crap in these column that I want to delete !). Is it possible ?

Moreover I'm wondering about the functions that are proposed, it it only to display a specific thing in the column ?

And (last question ^^) what is an historic on Mp3Tag ? I know the historic on the browser but here ... ? Maybe it's the answer to my first question (delete the whole historic).

Thanks you guys for yourr answers !


To delete the contents of a field, there are several ways:

Load the files
Select them
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
Select the field you want to delete and click on the delete button next to the list.
Click OK to save the changes.

If it is a field for that you see the contents also in the tag panel:
Select the files
Go to the field in the tag panel
Select from the dropdown list
Press Ctrl-S or click the save button in the toolbar to save the changes.

If it is a regular affair that you want to delete specific fields, create an action of the type "Remove fields" ( and enter the name of the fields you want to remove.

I can't help you with the other 2 questions as I don't understand what you mean.
What is it that you want to display in a column? See e.g. the help on columns:

And also I do not understand the topic of "historic". What do you mean exactly?

Just a hint:
If you would like a missing tagfield in the tag panel you can define it like you define a tagfield in the column-view.
Tolols/Optins/Tag Panel

The only places I just remember where "historic" is mentioned in the mp3tag-menues are in the string definitions of the filter and the convert menues. In these menues you can create self-defined strings for filtering and actions. Once defined they stay and can be selected for further use. (They are in the history). If you want to get rid of them for some reason you have to delete them by selecting a single entry (Delete from History) or deleting all ((Delete all from history).