Delete Track/File

the only discussion i see n this is very old, and not quite relevant.

i see the Manual states that Del REMOVES file from List

Ctrl-Del actually deletes to Recycle

and Shift-Ctrl-Del permanently deletes

my question is just what is the the point of having Del just remove from the List????

i see absolutely no need or use for that except to add confusion and frustration

so frustrating to spend time 'finding and 'Deleting' files only to have them appear yet again!

(and i note comments that say these functions, eg Ctrl-Del actually do not work very well - but that might be out of date now (one hopes))

so ... is there a way to CHANGE the Del hot-key so it actually DELETES. you know, as intended.

You have the choice if you want to delete the file from the filesystem (as you would delete the file(s) in the windows file explorer)
You just remove it from the Mp3tag file list. This is especially useful if you create some playlists with selected tracks in a specific order or if you want to adjust your tracknumbers for a specific album.


On the contrary, removing the files from the current list only is intentional. In cases where you do not want make changes to a specific file or group, removing them eliminates any chance of error.

Deleting files is typically less common. Most users generally add to their library.

i suspected that you might say that

in that case, demonstrably, the DELETE key is NOT s suitable key

secondly, my supplemetary question was if that 'hot key' could be changed to ie reprogrammed, to, i don't know, maybe Delete.


Reprogrammed by who? The user? No.
By the programmer - possibly.
And until that happens, get used to hit Ctrl+Delete to delete files permanently.

It does delete them, from the active list. But really, how often does one tend to actually want to permanently delete their audio files? To me, the fact one has to use the Control key in this case makes it clear that the action is intentional, and that sending the file to the trash or permanently deleted is not going to cause unexpected results.

ok. so of all the things MP3Tag can do, programming Hot-Keys is not one of them

NO, it does 'delete' them: it REMOVES them from a list.

and at the moment, as i juggle 5,000-7,500 tracks in my 'list', i am spending a totally inordinate amount of time identifying and DELETING duplicates (it is amazing how many even the best Deduper don't identify, and then you have those that want to delete tracks that are NOT actually duplicates, and then you have tracks with MP3 and M4A (and FLAC and AAC) versions, so better safe than sorrow), so this is just one more slightly more difficult, endlessly repetitive action i have to remember, that differs from Windows and every other app i use. nice.