Delete vs Remove

These commands are not listed in the Help Manual. What is the difference between Delete and Remove in the Edit Menu (and Context Menu)

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One is Delete, the other one Remove ... (or vice versa, I am using the German version so it is not quite clear which is which).
"Delete" handles the tag data and deletes the tag.
"Remove ..." opens a confirmation dialogue to remove the whole file from the file system.

Delete deletes the file from the file system.
Remove removes the file from the file list.

What @ohrenkino is referring to is Remove tag — which removes the metadata from the file.

This may be a little bit confusing at first use. If you press the DELETE key on a track (or multiple selected tracks), they will be removed from the file list BUT NOT from the file system! The next time you refresh the file list, this songs reappear.

The Delete key would match more the Delete menu entry, but actually the Delete key removes only files from the Mp3tag file list.

Thank you. A bit confusing, but at least I have the answer.

Might be good to add this to the online manual.

[Delete] Removes the file(s) from your eyes
[ctrl + Delete] Deletes the file(s) from your life.

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