Deleted Files gone forever?

I did something really stupid, I think. I'm creating 4 directories for music files by different artists. Usually put 3 or 4 in a bunch and number them and etc.
Well I had 113 .mp3 files on my C drive and things were going good. Then I highlighted all the files and THOUGHT I was saving them to the directory I wanted. Things didn't look the same between them, so I deleted the files on the hard drive and did another save. But when I went to hat particular directory I was horrified that it was empty. Made me sick. Been working on that since yesterday morning...All gone. I have the list in the MP3Tag but i don't believe these are real .mp3's, just tags.
Anyway, does anyone know how I can retrieve these files back that i've been working on for two days?
I have Active Undelete, but it brings them all back but songs are scrambled and the file name doesn't match the music.
Please anybody! Help me if you can.

If you have not yet closed Mp3tag, you could try to press Ctrl+Z (or Menu Edit -> Undo). Maybe you are lucky and you can undo your last moving step.
It could also be that you can find your files moved to another location (just not the one you except). For example into another main directory, that depends on your "saving" step.

You can try the same Ctrl+Z in your Windows File Explorer.

And you can check if the files are still in your recycle bin. Open it and cross your fingers.

If this all not help, just a friendly reminder:
Always make backups from your precious data.

There isn’t a recycle bin in Win. 10 is there?

There is, but it may not have been enabled for the drive in question. In that case, it's too late.

When you save files from Mp3Tag, by default they are saved into the folder that they were opened from. To save them elsewhere, you can choose Move or Copy from the Mp3tag context menu and then select the new destination. So did you choose Move? Or did you use Windows Explorer?

If you chose Move, the files may have gone into the wrong folder by accident. It's easy to find out what path you chose because the next time you choose Move Mp3tag will offer you the last-used path. So do that and make a note of what path is offered. You can also use Windows Search to hunt for the files.

I am not familiar with that application but this may indicate corruption and it is an ominous sign. I would not use that feature again until you can be sure that both it and your disk drives are working properly.