Deleted Files

Was using Mp3tag to change tags on video files and after I selected all and pressed delete to clear the list, it actually deleted my files.

Is this intended? I just lost about 100gigs of files that took a great deal of time to acquire.

What I did prior to this was I updated Mp3tag to the latest version and restarted my computer. Then I selected all the files, right-clicked and selected Mp3tag from the context menu in windows. I changed some tags but it took quite a long time for the program to save the tag so after saving some I decided to stop and only change the important ones. I thought maybe it was going slow because I had loaded like 80+ files that were around 100 gigs all together. So I closed the program and restarted Mp3tag from the start menu, and it loaded the same files again for some reason. I tried starting Mp3tag several times thinking it was a bug but it kept loading the same files instead of starting new. This is when I decided to "delete" them thinking it would delete them from the list so I can repopulated it with the important files to change their tags. This is when it deleted the actual files. A handful were sent to the recycle bin, but over 2/3rds of them were deleted completely.

To really delete files, you have to press Ctrl-Delete.
A simple "delete" removes files only from the list but not the file system.

Closing Mp3tag (or any program) while it is writing to files is asking for trouble.
Maybe your files still exist, but with some sort of temporary extension?

Holding "Shift" (not Ctrl) while clicking "Delete" will completely delete files without chance of normal recovery from the recycle bin.

"Delete..." means delete to the recycle bin.
The 3 dots indicate that there is more to be seen after clicking.
By default, there is a message to confirm your intention to move files to the recycle bin.
But that message can be turned off here: Options > Messages. Make sure "at deleting files" is check-marked if you want to see the message.

Use "Remove" to remove selected items from the file list without deleting.

By default, Mp3tag will load the last directory that had been loaded before it was closed.
You can change that behaviour here: Options > Directories
If you specify a non-existing directory as "Favorite directory", Mp3tag will open, from the start menu, quickly and empty.
Or choose a directory with few files, but near the media collection, to improve subsequent navigation.

You could have used the Windows Explorer context menu to open with some other file or directory and replace the previous files.

I see. I didn't close the program while it was writing. I closed it after if finished saving the tag. I think I right clicked after selecting all and chose the selection with the red "X" since I thought it was to clear what I had selected. In any case I will use the one that says remove now. Thank you for your help.

The directory that shows in Options and Favorite directory exists, but MP3 tag still auto-loads the previous files that are in a different directory. Favorite directory is a folder in my pictures and MP3 tag is loading files from a subdirectory in My Documents.

Also when I first used MP3 tag to try and edit the tags, I opened the program by selecting most of the files in a folder, right clicking, and then choosing MP3 tag from the context menu.

Is there a way that I can make it so MP3 tag always opens empty without having to put a fake directory and check the "start from this directory" box?

Thank you.

I can't reproduce that behaviour.
As long as "start from this directory" is checkmarked, Mp3tag loads only the files from "Favorite directory" when started without using the Explorer context menu.
Make sure to use the "Select directory" button when choosing a favorite directory.

Good. That's a common way to open Mp3tag.

You can place an empty .M3U file on the desktop and open it using Mp3tag from the context menu.