Deleting all fields with specific text

Hi everyone.

I've searched the forum and help files a lot but haven't found a way to do this so would appreciate your help pointing me in the right direction.

I'm trying to find a way to find all fields that have specific text and delete them. For example, I want to be able to search for "Beethoven" which might be in Artist, Artists, AlbumArtist, Album Artist, Composer, Credits, etc. If "Beethoven" is found, I want to delete that field.

In doing clean-up, it would be easier for me to just delete all of those and start over by adding the one or two fields I want "Beethoven" to be in.

I've found on the boards multiple ways to search in a specific field, but I'm looking for mp3tag to scan all the fields at once and then delete all those fields at once. Is that doable? If so, I'd appreciate your guidance on how.

On a related note, if I had to do an exact match -- so do one pass with "Beethoven" and another pass with "Ludwig van Beethoven" that would probably work too (though just a bit more effort).

Thanks for the help!

You could filter for the word "Beethoven" by simply typing it in the filter box.
This would then reduce the list of files to those that have the word anywhere in their data.
I would check first if these really the files that you want to treat.
As I cannot test this, try it with a sample file:
You could try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for _TAG
Search String: .*Beethoven.*
Replace with:
(leave emtpy)

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That works!

You're awesome, @ohrenkino. Thank you very much.

I had missed the _TAG option as the way to do this for all tags.

Thanks again.

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