deleting directorys after renaming

I am not sure how to use this forum - I could not figure out how to post a question under another thread, so I am posting it here.

I read a thread - "only missing feature" that descibes what I would like to do. The response from AFAIK was to use Format values and _DIRECTORY as field

I did not understand how to do that. Could someone explain it to me?

I am renaming files and changing the folder name, and I did not want to have to go and remove the old folder. I just wanted it to be renamed to the new folder name.

Thank You

Here's written how to create a new action:

As you said, you need the action type "Format value" with the field _DIRECTORY
And as format string something like %artist%-%album%

Thank you... :slight_smile: But .

How do i escape(keep) the []

so it looks like this

[1801] - Live

'[' and ']'

I Set up and Actio to chnage the path --- _Directory: %artist%\%album%..... but when I do this action it changes every file with the same album but makes the artist the first one that is highlited.

Is there something I am missing


Not sure what exactly you are trying to say, but if you use a backslash in the string, make sure you only select one file per directory!