Deleting existing default entries in Genre Field / substituting my own 'system'

I've seen some references as how possibly to achieve what I'm after doing, but nothing quite seems to be able to let me accomplish exactly what i want to achieve.

In a nutshell, this is all that I want to do:

When adding new MP3 files to my collection, when I click on 'Genre' on the left hand panel, I am met with what I assume is a default list initially compiled by someone trying to cover the most obvious entries for this Field.

However, I have my own individual way of describing the Genre on every Tag, and it would be great to my 'selection' in the drop-down list, rather than the default one.

Can I therefor delete the default Genre suggestions completely, and substitute them for my own specially-curated list?

Thanking you in anticipation.


It's the list from the ID3V1 standard ...

See the documentation on how to customize fields in the tag panel:

Hi Ohrenkino - I've simply got to ask! 'Ohren' means 'ears', while 'Kino' means 'cinema' - an interesting juxtaposition, if I might say so!

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. My trouble, still as a novice, is seeing all these descriptions, and what to click, but not really being that sure of what I'm doing. I feel that I've got to a happy position with Mp3tag / Poweramp, so that my cataloguing and final appearance, and playback, is where I want it. The last thing would be for me to click or do the wrong thing, and spoil many hours of hard work!

I was particularly interested to read the following from the Documentation link, as it sounded just what I was intending to achieve:

<The Genre field has a dedicated option to Show only user-defined genres . If enabled, the drop-down list of the Genre field on the Tag Panel only shows user-defined genres after a restart of Mp3tag. Note that these genres are not saved to an ID3v1 tag due to the limitations of the tag format.>

Here, though, I couldn't seem where to locate the 'dedicated option' via the Tag Panel.

Would I be able to work with just one Mp3 open, or must I have them all open, as I did when I was making some global alterations to various fields. Starting from the attached screenshot, how might I proceed?

If I were able to delete the default genre list, and substitute it for my own, does the sentence about my genres not being saved to an ID3v1 tag imply that, even if I could swap my 'genres' for the default ones, mine wouldn't stay saved, only to find the default ones return, which for me would seem to defeat the object of the exercise?

Many thanks, in anticipation, Wolksby

See here how to define Genres:

Hi Ohrenkino,

I have tried to achieve my goal, and think I've understood the principle! But I need some advice to continue, please.

I have manged to remove the original Genre Entries, except for the two default ones of . and , which I think will be required when adding future mp3s - the former for certain.

I have seen - and clicked the box to allow only the genre entries that I make, to remain visible.

I can see I think) where the original entries for the Genre field are stored, and have no problem just inserting one of my own custom genre entries. But I am unsure of the protocol for entering the 25 or so remaining entries, and it would seem that I have to add one at a time.

In the file that, I think, housed/houses the Genre-specific information, all I saw was Audiobook=, and visibly it looks like a Text document.

Is this the place where wy own curated Genre list would reside, and, while I want it to appear something like the following:
Instrument 1
Instrument 2
Instrument 3
Form 1

etc, I would assume that there would be a special way of entering the entries, so that they appear as a dropdown list as before, but my list, rather than the default.

At the moment it's no hardship, because each mp3 has 'remembered' its Genre setting for each of its constituent tracks, but when I come to add a new mp3, instead of being able to selent my Genre-marking system, rather than have to look it up, because, while it seems complicated, I understand its significance.

Hopefully with a little more help, I can get there without screwing up!



The file you refer to is probably genres.ini which was used for the old way to store user-defined entries.
In the meantime features have evolved and you can save user-defined entries for more or less any field.
Did you have a look at the "Manage..." function in the definition dialogue for a tag panel field?
There you find a button to import and to export your list.
And that list is a plain text file anywhere in the file system.
So enter 1 entry in each line, save the text file, import it with the Manage... functions. Done.


Sorry to trouble you, especially as I know you've told me the answer, but I just can seem to find the exact button combination to click, despite your previous clear instructions.

Simply I have a personal list in the Genre field, which works fine!

I simply want to amend one item in the dropdown list, specifically 'Harpsichord' to 'Harpsichoed etc' (my OCD tends to demand this.

I once founf the dropdown list, and added the 'etc' but perhaps I didn't save this, as it's reverted to just Harpsichord.

It's tantalisingly close, but I just can't quite recall the exact procedure. The help sheet doesn't quite seem to do the trick for me!

Many thanks!

File -> Options -> Tag Panel
(or right mouse click somewhere in the Tag Panel - > Customize)
-> Highlight Genre (or &Genre) -> Edit (second buttom from above on the right side) - > Manage (Custom list values) - > Highlight "Harpsichord" - Edit - > o.k. - > o.k - > o.k.

See the HowTos:

Many thanks! You've helped me successfullyrecall the process, for which I am most grateful.

Many thanks, for explaining it so simply, succinctly, and in such a straightforward manner. What I really appreciate about the Forum. It's great software, and exactly right for my needs - and with the friendly and rapid response each time, what's not to love about it?!

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