Mp3tag v3.20 released

Mp3tag v3.20 released

I've just released Mp3tag v3.20 and wanted to outline some of the new features and changes:

Tag Panel Field Sizes

The Tag Panel now has new field sizes, allowing you to choose from Full, Larger, Large, Medium, Small, Smaller, and Tiny. This makes it possible to pack a lot of information in the available space and to make this area of Mp3tag even more personal and fitting to your needs.

Add Field on Tag Panel

Import and Export of Custom List Values

Configuring Custom List Values on the Tag Panel can become tedious if the list of values to be added is quite long. It's now possible to import lists of composers, genres, or countries from text files. Exporting is also possible, so you can create a backup or share your lists.

Import Custom List Values

Consolidated User-defined Genres into Custom List Values

The option to add user-defined genres is now also part of the Custom List Values for the Tag Panel. While it was convenient to have it as a separate section in the configuration options, it makes more sense to have it treated the same as the rest of the fields.

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

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I have found a missing option in this new release. The genre function to add custom genres is missing from the options settings. This is a real problem and has forced me to go back to 3.19. Hopefully this is an easy fix and a simple oversight in the new release.

What a pity that you did not read

which means: it is not gone - it has moved to the tag panel field definition like all user-defined lists for tag panel fields.


I have managed to understand how to access this feature now. It is a bit more convoluted, but if it makes more sense to the overall function to the interface, I will get use to it. This is an amazing utility and I have been using it for many years and appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. I am a contributor and want to say thanks again!


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