Deleting "Export Cover to File" 'default' names in drop-down list

There are a number of file names I have used previously when exporting a cover to file and can't seem to find a way to delete any of them as some of them are very similar and on ocassion I select the wrong one - usually when exporting many at the same time.

Is there anyway to edit the list of names that drops down and diplays name choices I have used previously? Maybe a file I could edit manually and what app I should use to edit? I'd rather not delete everything and reinstall if possible.

I did try searching the forum first, but was unsuccessful in locating any relevant information.


AFAIK these settings are stored in the mp3tag.cfg file. So, if you remove that, you get rid of the history.
To be sure that you can re-import the settings, save the configuration first with File>Save configuration ...
(I hope that the history is not included).
Actually, there are functions for the filter history or the Convert strings to have them deleted, individually or alltogether. I have not found such a thing for the cover filename.

Like in other Mp3tag picklists you can remove one list entry with [Shift+Del], ...
but the notorious caveat is, ...
that there is the need to put one regularly entry or dummy entry into the input field, ...
then press [OK] and the change will be done.


Thanks for replying, DetlevD,

But I guess I don't quite follow.

a) I typed something in to the 'format string for image filename:' box (folder)
b ) I dropped down the box and used the arrow key to highlight the value I wanted to delete (export)
c) I pressed Ctrl+Del keys (the value I typed in was deleted from the text box)
d) I clicked on OK

But the value was still there in the drop down list.

Can you see what I got wrong in the steps above?


After you have removed one or more entries from the history picklist by [Shift+Del] within an action dialog, there is the need to put in some dummy value, for example a space or a dot character, or choose one entry from the remaining entries, in order to activate the [OK] button.
After leaving the dialog with [OK] the previous modification will be permanent.
This is one of the ugly implemented features of Mp3tag.

DD.20160425.2230.CEST, DD.20160427.1011.CEST

First thank you for trying to help me understand, DetlevD,

But it seems I am getting further from my goal - now I have a lot of "dummy" entries in the history picklist (space, . , etc.) and none of the original entires have been deleted. I guess I am not catching on to what you are communicating. Can you refer me to a step by step guide somewhere on this forum as I think I am not understanding the basics on this issue.

Well, I have described twice how to get rid of unwanted entries from a history picklist.
If you are unsure ... like me ... about some Mp3tag keyboard shortcuts, then see there ...


Let me try:

  1. Open the drop-down menu by clicking the small arrow on the right side of the input area.
  2. Select an entry that is to be deleted so that it appears in the input area.
  3. Click [Shift+Delete] (not [Ctrl+Delete], see DetlevD's edit) --> Selection is deleted from the input area.
  4. Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 until all undesired entries are removed.
  5. Enter something appropriate in the input area.
  6. Click OK to perform the action. The action must be executed so that all the previous deletions become permanent.
In this case, if you enter . in the input area, an image file named ..jpg will be created if the selected file has an embedded picture.

Yes, entering only a dot character creates an image file with the name "..jpg", ...
what is not a good result.

Furthermore, entering the scripting function $char(0) creates the filename ".jpg", ...
or entering one space character does the same, ...
now I know how to create a file without a filename, having just the extension.


It can also be done with the REN command in the Windows command window, but I bet you knew that. :wink:

Thanks so much, ryerman, that worked perfectly. I had not noticed that DetlevD had changed it to Shift+Delete in his 2nd posting and had been focused on the other aspects of the process. I had not had the chance to read throught the link he sent yet and then I saw your post and voilà problem solved.

I appreciate you and DetlevD taking the time to walk me through this.