Deleting featuring artist from title and append to artist?

Currently battling with multiple albums, which got their tags from CDDB in way where featuring artist is in tittle field.

For example:

TITLE = Blue Sky Action (Radio Edit) (feat. Alex Vargas)
ARTIST = Above Beyond

How to create an action or action group, to achieve result as:

TITLE = Blue Sky Action (Radio Edit)
ARTIST = Above Beyond feat. Alex Vargas


The forum covers many threads about this theme ... for example look there ...
" (feat.) " problem


Thank you for some reason, I searched the forum, but found nothing.
Only problem is that, method in that link removes everything inside brackets from TITLE field, will work troyght that thread and see, what I can come up with. :slight_smile:

Thank you, this works: Move "Featuring" from Artist to Title