Deleting Files


Hi there,

I've just tried to delete some of my file within Mp3tag, but I wasn't able to do it. It tried it with the DEL - button and with the menus, nothing worked except dragging the file on the recycle bin.



[X] Kein Löschen in 2.20

Please read this post and the change log of the Development Builds.

~ Florian


But you still need to remove the option from the right-click menu ...


Flo :unsure:


What do you mean? You need to press the [Ctrl] key even when using the function from the right click menu.
That's because I'm really tired of people which are deleting their whole music collection through Mp3tag and are complaining about that.

~ Florian


Ah, ok!

What about a dialogue box or a small hint in the programm itself?




I would suggest a change in the next version too. With Ctrl+DEL you now can only move selected files to the Windows recycle bin, when I tried to use Ctrl+Shift+DEL to actually delete it (like Shift+DEL using Windows Explorer) I was prompted if I want to delete ALL FILES!



You are right, my fault :rolleyes: