Deleting part of the "Album" tag

Hi all

To get the correct view of my music i have added the artist name to the beginning of the album name separated by a hyphen in the "Album" tag, as below

Album Tag = One Direction - Greatest Hits Of All Time

Cant wait for that to be released

I have been trialing a new UPNP server and this is now causing problems.

Is there an action that can be written that can remove the "One Direction - " section form the album tag thereby leaving the correct album name.

The album tracks for each album are stored in a directory with the correct album name under the artist in the following format.

One Direction

 Greatest Hits Of All Time
       Track 1
       Track 2

Just stating this in case there's a way to use the directory name to copy into the Album tag

If all the above is possible, fingers crossed, is there a way to automate the update process rather than opening each album and running the action.

Clear as mud im sure

In this case, where the relevant data, artist and album, is already stored within the tag-fields ARTIST and ALBUM, there is no need to use the filename.
Apply an action "Guess values" ...

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)
Source format __: %ALBUM%
Guessing pattern: %DUMMY% - %ALBUM%


Many thanks Detlev

That works perfectly. Im presuming that to do all tracks in one go id just need to select the top value directory, which in my case is "Music". There are several hundred albums in this directory, will Mp3Tag cope with this or is it best to break it down.

Mp3tag can work with thousands of files, it is just a matter of time.
You should have to make sure, that your collection has no "runaways".
You should make a simple check whether the files, resp. the tag-field ALBUM within the files, follow the same naming convention.
Open the "Filter" dialog by pressing [F3] and type:

ALBUM MATCHES "^.+? - .+?$"

In the status line you can see the amount of files, which have been filtered into relation of all files loaded.
Then decide what to do next.


Ah yes i see what that does but can it be changed to return the the tracks that dont match, as this shows what does match the filter.

NOT ALBUM MATCHES "^.+? - .+?$"

See also ...


Thanks again, can i ask one last question, im trying to replace whatever is in the "DISCNUMBER" tag with the value "1".

Ive goto

replace "DISCNUMBER": "?" -> "1"

I cant work out what goes in the "?" to change it from any number

And can i add this to the action above so it runs in one instance.

OK using


does what i want.

Many thanks Detlev for your help

Use an action "Format value" or the converter "Tag - Tag" or use the dialog "Extended Tags...".
This will set a value of your wish into the choosen tag-field of all selected files at once.

Yes, you can collect and arrange several actions of any action type into one or more groups of actions.
See menu "Actions/Actions", use dialog "Action groups" to create a new action group, give it a name, then add the actions you need.