Deleting parts of filenames

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New to Mp3tag. Have searched the forums for an answer to my question and found many questions that is similar to mine, but nothing that answers my precise problem.

I have a lot of files, that contain different numbers at the beginning of each filename. I would like to remove these numbers. My files look like this:

2360934-1-10_TV On The Radio_DLZ.wav

Is it possible to create an action, which removes the numbers, so the filenames will look like this:

_TV On The Radio_DLZ.wav

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see e.g. here:
or here: /t/8623/1

Thank you so much!

I used this:
$regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^[\d.- ]+(.*)',$1)

My files now look like this:
_TV On The Radio_DLZ.wav

If I want to remove the first "_", is there a way to make changes in: $regexp(%_FILENAME%,'^[\d.- ]+(.*)',$1)


Thank you kindly for your help :slight_smile:


Use for the initial filename (with number):
$regexp(%FILENAME%,'^[\d.- ]+(.*)',$1)

To get rid of the leading underscore (for those files that have been processed already):