Deleting some tags but not all

I play music downloaded from Amazon and other sources from USB drive in my car. Recently the car system has stopped recognizing new files. They show up fine when the USB is plugged into my PC, but in the car they simply aren't there.

Two different people have told me the problem is in the tags, and that I should delete all the information from those new songs. Here's the thing: is it possible to delete data like genre, year, etc, but retain artist, title, and album? More to the point, is this the actual problem? The details of the new songs don’t look different than the older ones.

I am new to all this, and any input is appreciated.

Load the files
Select the files
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
Select the fields that you want to delete and click the red X delete button.
Save the changes with OK.

Who knows?!
It would helpful to see 2 screenshots of the extended tags dialogue:
one from a single file that the car player recognizes and
one from a single file that the car player refuses.

Are the files that won't play a different format than the ones that will? I don't believe the tags would prevent the player from seeing or paying them, but may not display the information as expected.

No problem but please do this before deleting anything:

Select a group of the problematic files and make one or more copies of the group to experiment with. That way if something goes wrong, you still have the original files. Every player is a little different and only your tests will show if tags really are at fault. The problem may well turn out to have nothing to do with the tags....