Deleting Songs as ALBUMS / Picture size


For some reason, when I added (identical info) to 19 songs, they were created as 19 ALBUMS.

I want to DELETE the ALBUMS but not the songs off the phone.

If you try and DELETE from ALBUM view, your only choices are to delete the SONG and from a PLAYLIST.

I've removed the tags and the INFORMATION but the ALBUMS won't go away.

For now, I've put the songs in a playlist as a workaround.


And, anyone know why when you PASTE art into another file, the SIZE of the pic doubles?

Thanks again gang!

You wrote me by personal message, that Mp3tag displays for the music files the information about Tag-Read (Tag-Types) having the value "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)".

But this information does not say anything about the ability of the player to understand both Tag-Types and to use the Tag-Type ID3v2.3, maybe it can handle only Tag-Type ID3v1.

There is an open task up to you, which has been not answered yet.
Getting all Songs in an "ALBUM"

It is still not clear what Tag-Type is supported by the LG Rumor Touch.
Please find it out.
I am rather confident, that a concrete answer will let us help you, to find out what is going on with the player's logic.


If you use the clipboard then a bitmap file is converted into an uncompressed image like bmp.
If you use the export to the filesystem function an reimport the image then the image file size should stay the same.

To be clear: when I add the art, I get the size of the original artwork.

If I COPY AND PASTE, that is when the size doubles. Generally, the artwork files are jpg.