Deleting The Whole Song

How can I remove a song from my PC using MP3TAG, some of them are dupicates. I Tried DELETE, but they just disapered temporaly....
Tks :angry:

You must hold down Ctrl key while you click or press Ctrl+Del and the file gets moved to recycle bin.
When you also hold down Shift the file is completely removed


I have found a way to do it:

Select Tools and Then Options

Click On Tools

Create a New Tool with the name Delete Song
The Path should be: c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe
The Parameter should be: /c del "%_path%"
(Don't forget the quotation marks)

DeSelect For all selected Files (So it only works on the currently selected song)

Click Ok

Now Go to the main screen and select a song which you want to delete
Right click on the song and Select Tools, in There Delete Song, after that the song will be gone.

Try this first on a folder with only a couple of songs.

I Hope this helps


Hi Dano.

ha ha ha ha, yes that is a much faster option :smiley:


Another Star for dano... Tks it works perfect and fast!!!!

Mike I'll try your later run, I'm running out of time with this proyect... I copied yuor ins.

Just come across this.
Re Karaoke files: is there a way to delete the corresponding CDG file at the same time.

No, this is not possible.