Descripencies of Original Artist and Various Artists usage

Hi - I've recently been cleaning my mp3 collection. The area surrounding how Original Artist is used is very unclear and inconsistent - not just in this product.
EG; if I open an mp3 in Mediamonkey (MM) and adjust the Original artist it does not show in any other tool I have. MP3tag, metatogger, or windows 7 file explorer.
Similarly, if I adjust 'ORIGINAL ARTIST' in Mp3tag, it shows in none of the other tools, and again, if I change 'ORIGARTIST' in mp3tag, I also cannot see any result in any other tool.

In my above examples the case sensitivity of the tag name is as given. This may be one of the easy reasons of the problems. I realize of course that the original artist is not a spec defined tag.

In my case, I have numerous CD compilations - my attempt is to use mp3tag to push the current artist into the original artist so it isn't lost, then use my generic 'Various Artists' to propagate the field so it is recognizable as a compilation.

A few other notes (I was rushed before when I wrote this) -

  • Microsoft uses 'Contributing Artist' in Wndows 7 but that is actually the Artist field being read AFAIK.
  • MP3tag makes all customized tags in Upper case. This may be a fault.
  • Mp3tag allows for the columns to display Original Artist, but seems to read it from ORIGARTIST tag. a bit unclear why.

Is there healthy discussion about the way in which compilation cd's are handled? I'd like to join or hear your comments. thank you. Flagging this thread to watch it.

ORIGINAL ARTIST looks like a user-defined field.
User defined fields are hardly read by any program. But see Foobar for its abilities in this field.

ORIGARTIST is the MP3tag internal name for the field TOPE, as you can see in
TOPE is a field defined by the standard and not a user-defined field.

Players show fields in any way they like. My standard example is: BPM is shown by iTunes but not by WMP, WMP shows LANGUAGE but iTunes does not. So, it depends on the implementation.

You may add the information for ORIGARTIST with MP3tag and it won't be lost. So if, in the future, you come across a player that shows it, you already have it.
I would not use ORIGINAL ARTIST.

For the majority of players the following applies:
ALBUMARTIST is the overall artist who has released a set of tracks, e.g. Peter Gabriel or for compilations "Various Artists".
ARTIST is then the actual performer for one particular track, e.g. "Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush".

An EXCELLENT reply! thank you ohrenkino. I always had this nagging feeling when I consider meta data that DISKS should have had their own meta standard seperate from tracks. But that is water under the bridge now.
I'm glad you read and commented, and I completely agree with your standard for Albumartist and Artist. I am going to run a few tests and see who, if any, pick up the albumartist. I will also test the Tope field and see what impact that has on getting some cross connection between apps. MANY thanks!