Detaching a part from the Filename and adding to another field

I have got a filename as" I like you very much(platinum collection)"
The first part is the filename and the words inside the brackets denotes the album name.
is it possbile to detach the bracketed parts along with the parenthesis and place them in the field album without the brackets? after this actions the filename will look like "I like you very much" and there will be entry in the album field against this track as"platimun collection"
kindly suggest. thanks in anticipation.

You can use the converter Filename - Tag with a format string %title%(%album%) which will also import the first part to the TITLE field.

After that, you can use the converter Tag - Filename with %title% to create the new name from the TITLE field.

Kind regards,

P.S. Please, no more light-blue, please!?

thanks a lot for the suggestions. i will try and inform.