DevBuild: Problem with "ID3v2 if ID3v1 too small"


Hi !!

I have problem with this:

"ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small

if enabled, Mp3tag writes ONLY an ID3v2 tag, if the information in the tag input fields exceeds the limitations of the ID3v1 tag."

I used the latest version of Mp3tag and enabled that function. When the information in the tag input fields exceeds the limit of the ID3v1 tag, Mp3tag don't writes only ID3v2 tag, it writes both, ID3v1 tag and ID3v2 tag. Can you fix it? I would like that "ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small"



Is writing of ID3v1 tags activated?


I just noticed that on my side, MP3Tag always writes an ID3v2 tag - even if I write "A" in the artist field. It also doesn't matter what ID3v2 writing option is activated.

ID3v1 tags are written flawlessly, though.


Seems I've forgot to implement this while I've rewritten the ID3v2 support. Let's see, if I'll bring it back.

Very meaningful. Please don't shout.



This feature is back with the latest Development Build :slight_smile: