Development of the program

Hello Florian

I am a programmer in Clarion language and am developing a program that between its functions needs to modify "tags" of files "mp3's". What I must do is not something as complete as your program.

It wanted to do to him if it is possible the following questions:

  1. In which language you have developed the program

  2. That libraries you have used to modify "tag's" and if these are for "Visual Basic"


Pd: I do not hope that the libraries are for "Clarion", but if they are for "Visual
Basic" I create to be able to use them.


I am not an MP3Tag developer, but I think I can answer some of your questions.

Visual C++

MP3 tag editing is done via ID3Lib. For most of the other tag formats, Florian uses the native SDK as far as I know (FLAC --> FLAC Meta Data Interface for example).
Anyways, he might correct me if I am mistaken, but he will be back from holidays in about two weeks.

PS: You can use the API in VB if the libraries' (ID3Lib, etc.) functions are exported with _stdcall. For _cdecl, you have to use a C wrapper.

Hello Sebastian

Thanks to clarify my doubts to me

Pd: Por tu nombre supongo que entenderás español, por suerte existen los traductores en linea. :slight_smile:

Arrepentido, yo no hablo español. Soy Rumano. :slight_smile: