Development roadmap

Hi Florian

Any chance you could post a development roadmap outlining sequencing/priority of future features you're planning etc? There have been numerous enhancement suggestions you've added to your internal wishlist which haven't seen the light of day. Would be great to see what you're planning and when. If you're interested in users adding some sway to development priorities you may even want to open up planned features to a poll?

Just some thoughts...

The problem with such an official Development Roadmap is that it will disappoint most users. My internal wish list is really long (currently around ~100 items) and often I'm more busy fixing issues or doing support work than looking at this list and picking interesting feature requests.

If I'd make this list official, many people would think that these features are planned for one of the next versions and will be disappointed if their beloved request was not addressed in one of these versions.

Kind regards,