DFF and SampleSize or BitDepth Support?


Will there be support for DFF (DSD or DSDIFF)? There is a command line tool called sacd_extract that will split an SACD ISO into individual files playable in foobar2000, that I'd like to be able to tag and organize. I also have the ability to convert them (or downsample) them into 88.2kHz 24-bit FLAC files.

I'd also like to be able to put the samplerate and the samplesize (or bit depth) into either the file name of the FLAC file or folder name, such as "88.2-24". I see that there is a samplerate parameter, which I can script to the format that I need, but there is not one for samplesize or bitdepth. At a glance, this will allow me to compare and remove any duplicate versions I may encounter when I organize lesser quality files from the same or similar sources.

More information about the sacd ISO extraction CLI can be found here:


The DFF format that I extract to and is compatible with foobar2000 and dbPowerAmp is this:

-p, --output-dsdiff : output as Philips DSDIFF file
-c, --convert-dst : convert DST to DSD