Did I just delete all of my album art? T.T

hello, i am quite worried i just deleted all of my album art on accident.
i was trying to delete every field except filename, title, artist, album, track, and year. i created a new action to do this with, using Remove fields except "Filename;Title;Artist;Album;Track;Year." when the action was complete it looked to do what i was hoping for but now when i click on a file it doesn't appear to have any album art. i am trying to arrange my library so everything will appear correctly in my default player (windows media player 11) i am confused because when i go to library in wmp11, the album art still seems intact. so my question is did i actually delete my album art and if so is there a quicker way to get it all back then album by album (my previous method)

okay, i was reading online for a program to restore my album art. i found a program (album cover art downloader) and found that apparently, wmp11 still had the picture to the album, it was just not applied. i went ahead and reapplied alot of the album art i lost and i was happy to find that it was working. however, when i opened up mp3tag, i found that the title, artist, and album was totally messed up. as you can see however, the filename is still intact. i know it is possibles to change the title and artist at by using the guess action, but i have to idea how to do so. i did have all of these files separated by album name, so i guess i will have to do the album part manually.
so in short, i now need help replacing the title and artist by using information in the filename using the guess action
thanks for your help

edit: while trying to attach my screenshot, i guess i went over the global limit?

sorry about that, i am still very new here

anyway, here is a link to my screen via imageshack:
thanks again

hello guys, second day on trying to troubleshoot this problem. I've been reading all over the forum and i think i need something called a regex code to use with the guess value. i don't think it is a complex code, but i am still ignorant to how to make one myself.
if someone could point me in the direction were i can learn how to make such a code myself or if a generous person would just make the code for me, it would be much appreciated.
thanks for reading

Yes, your "Remove fields except" action also deletes embedded cover art. You can prevent this next time if you add "picture" to the field list:

Remove fields except "Picture;Title;Artist;Album;Track;Year"

To restore your tags, the easiest way for you is menu "Convert > filename - tag"
Enter for example format string:
%dummy% - %artist% - %title%

Are your albums in separate folders?
WMP saves cover art as folder.jpg file in each directory (but it's usually hidden)
You don't really need embedded cover art if you use WMP

In Mp3tag go to "Options > Tags" and deselect
[ ] Don't display first image from file directory as cover art
to see the cover from the folder in Mp3tag.