Did I mess up?

Hello all, A little background info about how I like my tags. I am a little obsessive about them all 'being the same.' So, for me to get them that way I do them Filename & Name and Title (tags) in UPPERCASE. Easy enough right? But then it comes to ‘ & ´turning into ' in all instances of it, same for 'and' always being &. Then we come to all the foreign language accent's è = E, î = I. This was no problem. I had a "action list" of about 90 lines doing everything I wanted. While I was in actions groups screen I hit "Utils" and saved the file in two separate places because I was getting ready to do a format so I would have a copy of my "actions" on a separate drive. Re-installed, went to set Mp3tag back up. I place the file I saved into the %appdata& folder of "C:\Documents and Settings\Buck\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions" Thinking I was doing it right since I seen no import function. Here is were it get weird. My file shows up when I hit "Util" I click it, but none of my actions are there. So, where did I go wrong? Do I have to reenter all the actions I did before? Should I of backed up the %appdata% file before I formated? I think I know the answer... So if someone can tell me what I am overlooking and doing wrong I would appreciate it.

Thank, Buck

I know changing the foreign characters isn't right, but it's my way for feeling 'complete'

I think the misunderstanding is, that this function from the Utils menu saves the selection state of the various action groups -- not the action groups themselves.

So the next time you want to store your settings, just use File > Save configuration....

I think for now that there is no way to get your actions back.

Thanks for the reply, that was the answer I didn't want to hear, but was expecting. Thanks for this program.