Diference between Discogs and MusicBrainz tag names for "Catalog Number"

I have one question about how Mp3tag write some tags for "Catalog number".

For MusicBrainz I'm using this scrypt:

For Discogs I'm using default Mp3tag scrypt and all that work's great but Discogs use different format for "Catalog number".


Is there any way to have one format because MusicBee (for example) is using "CATALOGID" for identifying "Catalog number".
It's my custom tag in MusicBee because by default they don't have field for "Catalog nember".
It will be great if somehow I can make in Mp3tag that MusicBrainz can use "CATALOGID" or if Discogs can use "CATALOG NUMBER", just to have one standard name for "Catalog number".
Is there any way to do that or is only solution to manual every time change name of tag?
I know I can always see tags writen in my FLAC files but it will be nice to see them under "Catalog Number" field in some media player.


If you have some players that look for CATALOGID and others that look for CATALOG NUMBER, you can easily copy the field content, so that you have both fields filled with the same data with an action group with 2 actions:

Format value for CATALOGID:
Format string: $if2(%catalogid%,%catalog number%)

The other action in the same action group:
Format value for CATALOG NUMBER:
Format string: $if2(%catalog number%,%catalogid%)

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Thanks, but question is can I edit Discogs and Musicbrainz scrypt to save tags with same format value and how?
I' have some "problems" with consistency and it will be great if I can edit default format value for "catalog number".
IMHO, it will be better to have one format value for all scrypts in Mp3tag (not only for this format value). I'm really greateful for all scrypts but maybe it will be better to use some standard for all format values.
I'm using only MusicBee for my music (and sometimes foobar2000 for fast check some tags or some other things).

Discogs scrpyt in Mp3tag use "CATALOGID"
MusicBrainz scrypt in Mp3tag use "CATALOG NUMBER"

Sometimes I need to use Discogs for my tags, sometimes MusicBrainz and I just want to have one format value for "catalog number" if is possible.

I have few thousands albums in my music library, I'm collecting and listening that collection for last 20 and more years and I'm organizing all that album by album (I'm not fan of mass for plenty reasons) and it will be great if I can save some time with that "catalog number".


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The web source scripts are plain text files and can be editted with any text editor.