Different Artwork album and title in compilation

Hopefully someone can help me with my problem.
When I tag a greatest hits album I want to tag each song with a different photo (single artwork) but when The album is show in listings I want the Greatest Hits cover to be shown.
So when a track is playing it will show the artwork for that track.
I have tried keeping the first track the cover of the album, then the other tracks different covers if available. I thought that might work, but it sometimes does but not always. Not sure how i can force a specific cover to be shown in the listings of albums.
Just for your info All tracks are flac and I am using Logitech media server and viewing on the IPeng app.


I donʼt know what exactly your specific combination of FLAC, Logitech Media Server and IPeng supports, but the APIC field of ID3v2 tags allows the user to add multiple artwork image files which each can have one of a set of predefined picture types:

  1. $00 Other
  2. $01 32x32 pixels 'file icon' (PNG only)
  3. $02 Other file icon
  4. $03 Cover (front)
  5. $04 Cover (back)
  6. $05 Leaflet page
  7. $06 Media (e.g. label side of CD)
  8. $07 Lead artist/lead performer/soloist
  9. $08 Artist/performer
  10. $09 Conductor
  11. $0A Band/Orchestra
  12. $0B Composer
  13. $0C Lyricist/text writer
  14. $0D Recording Location
  15. $0E During recording
  16. $0F During performance
  17. $10 Movie/video screen capture
  18. $11 A bright coloured fish
  19. $12 Illustration
  20. $13 Band/artist logotype
  21. $14 Publisher/Studio logotype

I would suggest you add the album cover artwork to all files using the same type (#3) every time and the single covers with a secondary type if possible.

This is a player problem, right?
You would have to find out whether your player looks at the attributes of the embedded pictures at all or simply takes whatever picture it finds first.
Also, the question is whether the player knows anything about albums (probably does) and then where it finds the corresponding picture ... is that taken from a picture file in the album folder?
If so, one way could be to save the album picture in the folder and then embed the individual track picture as the first picture.
And no: there is no way in MP3tag to modify the order of already embedded pictures. You would have to delete them and re-import them in the correct order.
That there are different types of embedded pictures is true for ID3V2 tags - I think it does not matter for FLAC files. Those are just pictures.

Thank you both.
I did find where I can set the picture to either Front cover, Cover or Other.
Right now it automatically puts anything I put in as Front. I might change all the others to Other or Back to see if that might do something.
And yes, the artwork is in each individual album folder.