Different case conversion rules for other languages?


I have a suggestion for improving / extending the case conversion function, especially with song titles. The current functionality (changing all words to start with an uppercase letter) fits English rules well, but not necessarily other languages. E.g. Czech (and probably also quite a few other languages - Slovak, French, etc.) uses the uppercase letter only for the first letter of the whole title. Would it be possible to add this functionality as an additional option?


The function already exists in the shape of either an action of the type "Format value" and the
Format string: $caps3(%fieldname%)

Or the option "Sentence" in an action of the type Case conversion.

This is also revealed to you in the help: https://docs.mp3tag.de/actions/case-conversion

OK, thanks, I see it now. I tried to find something in the configuration dialogue and didn't realize that one has to do it differently.