Different headlines when logged in or not


I usually select the category "Latest" to browse through the forum.
When I am logged out, I see as title in the browser tab folder "Latest - Mp3tag Community".
When I am logged in I see only "Mp3tag Community" and no hint which category is now the selected one, e.g. "Aktuell - MP3Tag Community" (this happens with German set as site language).

I find it quite useful to see the category - so could this additional data also be displayed in the German site?


This depends on what you set as default in your user preferences. The default doesn't show specific extra information whereas every other page does.


So I have the choice: either
my preferred page as default but no information about the page name
any odd page as default page and then I see the page name of my really preferred page. Oh, well ...


Just leave latest as default and now know that if nothing special is shown you're on latest.