Different tags being displayed in different apps


I have been using mp3tag for few years now. It was recently that I started using foobar to listen to my music and I noticed that some of the files have different tags which I don't see in iTunes. Is there a way to fix this. I want one tag info for all my mp3's. Thank you.


The files probably have APEv2 tags. You can remove them by only enabling APEv2 at the Remove part of Options > Tags > Mpeg and choosing File > Remove tag afterwards.

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Thanks Florian.


I'm having the same problem.

Longtime mp3Tag editor and foobar user. I am now playing my .mp3 files on an iMac with iTunes and the tags are getting messed up. Specifically, the Album Artist now says 'Various' for most of the 4k tracks. I pulled up my mp3 list in mp3Tag and removed all tags except for ID3v2.3.

I have two Album Artist fields. %albumartist% and %album artist%. I can't remember why I have both but I do. Which one does iTunes read? But I don't think that's the problem because both has the right value... They each say The Beatles but in iTunes it says 'Various' for most of them.

slightly confused...

This is crazy... excuse me if it's an iTunes rant.

I just deleted the entire iTunes library, closed, re-launched. Then I dragged my U2 folder into iTunes. I just removed the %albumartist% tag and kept %Album Artist%. Now all of them say 'Various' for Album Artist.

Any ideas?


For iTunes you must use %BAND% in Mp3tag.


Ah. iTunes displays %band% as Album Artist. Once I made that visible in mp3Tag and re-formatted it, it appeared to fix the problem.

EDIT: didn't see your reply. thanks.