different types of extended cover.

I have a lot of tracks and covers, both of the same type name: %artist% - %title%. To import the album art in the file, I use the action "Import cover from file" - "format string: %artist% - %title%.JPG". The problem is that some of the covers are stored in the format: PNG, GIF, BMP, etc. ... How do I perform an action to import cover into file not just the files .JPG but other?

I tried to change the action as: "Import cover from file" - "format string: %artist% - %title%.jpg;png;gif;bmp" and other variants... But it is not working. Please help me.

%artist% - %title%.*

But it would be no big effort to change the format of the cover-files either with a tool like irfanview and it's batch-converting.

Please note that according to the Id3V2.3 standard only jpg and png a valid picture formats for cover art. You would have to convert the other type as poster suggested.

Thank all! all turned out!