difficulties creating action

Am not sure where to start with this.... having looked over the forums the range of actions that can be created it amazing - but i haven't a clue how to get this working. I've got 2 actions i'm after creating...

I've got a track with the title set as 'Kernkraft 400 [DJ Gius Remix] - Zombie Nation', now i was to extract the 'Zombie Nation' part and paste it into Artist, and them remove the " - " from the end of the remaining Title (which would be 'Kernkraft 400 [DJ Gius Remix] -' )

I want to append the name of the current folder into the end of the album entrie... ie

stored in 'e:\dance2007\cd 1', would add 'cd 1' to the end of the current album but remove the space if it exists and add square brackets around the folder name. In this example it would give me a result of 'Dance2007 [CD1]'

Dance2007 would be the existing album
CD1 would be the folder name

Are these two creatable...?? any help much appreciated.