Difficulty Renaming Multiple Albums

I want to reorganize the layout of the music files I have on my computer.

Naturally I like to organize them as:
Artist/Album/Track # - Track Name

That is unless the album has multiple artists, in which case I simply want to organize them by:
Album/Track # - Track Name (Artist).

This however changes if there are more than one CD in the set. In that case I'd want:
Artist/Album/CD #/Track # - Track Name

But the same problem occurs if there are multiple artists on each CD in the set (then it would be):
Album/CD #/Track # - Track Name (Artist)

I have the coding for the first example I mentioned, but I'm not sure how to code something for the second or third examples. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I should have said prior to stating the above, that this program has saved me hours of renaming other files already. I am truly grateful for it. If I could solve the above quandary, then I would be set.