Difficulty with Unknown discs on Bluesound Vault2i

I am not a computer guy - Though Once I'm shown how to do - I do OK.
I have a Bluesound Vault 2i . I have approximately 150 Unknown discs recorded in FLAC on the hard drive. Live shows from the 60s, 70s,80s and others. I want to add Titles and artists and dates to these Unknown discs and individual song titles eventually.
I need to get the disc info from the computer into the MP3TAG program.
and Then
Put the info I need in and return it to the Vault - I keep getting mixed up - I am hoping you have a very simplified explanation for this to be done
Thanks in advance, AL

You may start with a look at the first steps:

I have been able to get the unknown file from computer to mp3tag
\VAULT2I-65BA\shared\Music\Unknown CDs\Ripped 2020-01-13 6-39pm
Now I am confused on how to update the info and then return to the file to the Bluesound Vault

WIth that address it looks as though you have loaded the files via the network into MP3tag and they still reside on the Vault.
This means that all changes that you save are immediately saved on the remote device.

To start tagging:
Select all the files that have data in common like the ALBUM, YEAR, ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST, GENRE (one of these or more).
Then enter the data for the field (e.g. 1972 in YEAR) in the tag panel on the left and press Ctrl-S to save the changes.
You can also enter data into more fields if they share the same data. This reduces the typing effort.

If you have data somewhere in the folder structure or the filename, it may be possible to extract that and save it in the tags without the need to type.

I will have to get back on this tomorrow
Thank you for your assistance, AL