Directories List

When I load files into the tag editor it creates an entry of the directory path, and these entries are building up and I do not need them. How do I remove entries from this list ?.

Sorry, I realise now that the list goes back to 9 entries when it is re-started. But I would still like to be able to remove a few of the entries that I entered by mistake, and the Program Files entry.

Currently, there is no way to remove this history log separately.
I think that this data is stored in the file mp3tag.cfg.
So if you delete this file you get rid of the path history - but you also loose all other configurations.

The brute force approach would be to configure MP3tag the way you usually use it, close Mp3tag, make a copy of the cfg-file, re-open MP3tag, work with it (and build up a list of paths), close MP3tag and then overwrite the current cfg-file with the former copy.

Thank you, at this point I am not confident enough to alter the config file, but I have now loaded a lot of directories and when I restart the program it just displays the last 11 entries which is fine for the time being. I will try your suggestion after I become familiar with other aspects of the tag editor, meanwhile I have lots to do organising my music database, thanks again. :music: