_DIRECTORY Action under MacOS

I'm using Mp3Tag since a long time under Windows. It's an awesome piece of software.

Now I switched to MacOS Sierra (2.81 under WineBottler).

Everything works like a charm, but the action to rename the directory does not work for me.
I have tried various ways of writing the path (e.g. C:... or \\?\unix...), but none of them worked.
It simply returns to the main window without doing anything (also no warning).

Can you please give me a hint how to write the required path setting?

Many thanks,

Don't you see a path in the Directory field in the tag panel?
It should be easy to adapt that string.

I see a path in the tag panel:

\\?\unix\Users\joerg\Music\Name of album

but if I set an action to format _DIRECTORY like the following


nothing happens.

I have no Mac. So all I can give are general thoughts.
Anyway: I am not sure that an absolute path is such a good idea as the ? is an invalid character for Windows filenames.
What about a relative path? Just

Unfortunately that does not work either.

Have you followed the instructions and installed the version from this link:

Yes I did. I used the unbundled version as I had Winebottler already installed.

I don't know anything abou the Mac-use either.
But instead of testing this with an action I would use the converter Tag-Filename and the preview-button.
This should give yoiu at least some information instead of "nothing happens".