Directory creation using multiple artists


In some of my albums, there are multiples artists and I've decided to properly tag them. I have two issues about this and I'm creating two separate threads.

When I'm done with all the tagging, I ran an action that allows me to rename the folder where my album is located: Format value DIRECTORY": %artist% - %album%.

My problem is that, if there are multiple artists, only the first one is used.

I'd be very happy if there was a way to use all the ARTIST tags where creating the name of the directory, so that my folder name looked like this:

artist 1 & artist 2 - album
artist 1, artist 2 & artist 3 - album

The ampersand to separate the last and the second to last elements would be an appreciated bonus, but not strictly necessary.

Thank you for your help!

$regexp($meta_sep(artist,', '),'(.*), (.*)',$1 & $2) - %album%

Thanks for this too! It's amazing to see what you can do with this programme when you know the language.

You've been very kind and also very quick to respond,@ohrenkino

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