Directory field not accurate when loading multiple directories

To reproduce:

  1. Goto windows explorer to a folder that include more than one folder containing mp3s.
  2. select more than one folder that contains mp3s and click-and-drag those folders into mp3tag
  3. regardless of what file you select in mp3tag, the Directory field will remain static as one of the subdirectories (not necessarily the correct one for the file you've chosen)

I'm not sure, but it SEEMS from minimal testing that the directory I'm seeing listed for all files is the directory alphabetically BEFORE whatever directory my cursor was on when I clicked and dragged the group.

I think that the folder field shows the working directory.
Unless you have a path component in e.g. export scripts, the export will be created in that directory.

I think that the mechanism to set the working directory is owed to the explorer that always hands over that file system object that gets the focus for drag&drop.
So, e.g. if you have a list of files and you copy them somewhere, the file that had the mouse cursor gets copied first - and not the one first in the list (unless they are the same).
So: the folder field does not necessarily reflect the path to the currently selected file.