Directory Folder renaming not working

Right now im using mac sierra v2.82
Im using flac files

So my files are in

/Users/Kevin/Music/Mozart-100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of.../file.flac
/Users/Kevin/Music/Vivaldi-100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of.../file
/Users/Kevin/Music/strauss-100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of.../file
/Users/Kevin/Music/wagner-100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of.../file

What i want is

/Users/Kevin/Music/100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music/Mozart/file
/Users/Kevin/Music/100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music/vivaldi/file
/Users/Kevin/Music/100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music/strauss/file
/Users/Kevin/Music/100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music/wagner/file

Im suppose to is action quick -Format value

Field- Directory
Format string /Users/Kevin/Music/%artist%

When i do this is saids
formated tags in 0 out of 100files
0 out of 100 files renamed.

How am i suppose to do this?


And? do you get new path names?
The name of the pseudo field for the folder is _DIRECTORY - so perhaps you have now a field DIRECTORY in your files ...

no it doesnt work, folders are still the same.
its still

/Aaron Copland - 100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of Mozart- Bach- Beethoven- and more- Including Symphonies- Concertos- Chamber Music- Violin- and Piano
/7 - Rodeo- Hoedown -feat. Boston Pops Orchestra-.flac

Artist is Aaron Copland
album is 100 essential pieces of classical music ....
file is Rodeo- Hoedown -feat.Boston Pops

How do i change it into


Also i need to remove the -feat.Boston Pops orchestra
i need to remove the whole thing include feat and after

Actual some has feat and some has (feat

I want to put it into the folders name

So like Music/Album/Artist - feat .../ file.flac

That is an awfully long filename. Perhaps you exceed the 254 character boundary and your emulator does not like it.

For me it is not quite clear if you already have the desired folder structure only the names are not quite up to the mark or you still have to create a new folder structure as all or many files reside in one folder but should get separated.
In the latter case, you have to rename the _FILENAME with path components. Otherwise the first file in the folder wins.

As I do not use a Mac, I still wonder whether the path really contains the "/" or it should have the "" as folder separator as this would be the Windows standard.

When i do the commands its not changing the folder structure or names, only the name of flac files.

The folder structure is too long, yeah so i want to change it.


/User/Kevin/Music/ Eduardo Di Capua - 100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of Mozart- Bach- Beethoven- and more/ 19 - The Sorcerer-s Apprentice -feat. Philharmonia Slavonica-.flac


/user/kevin/music/ 100 essential pieces of classical music/ Eduardo Di Capua- Philharmonia Slavonica/ The Sorcerers Aprrentice.flac

What i want for music files



$NUM(%TRACK%,2) - %TITLE% -feat -%Group%

What i want for folders.

%Album% /%artist% - %Group%/

Current Folders.

/%artist% - %album%/

So I want to

  1. remove
    100 Essential Pieces of Classical Music- The Very Best of Mozart- Bach- Beethoven- and more
    From all the folders with the various artist.

  2. Just have one big folder called 100 essential pieces of classical music.

  3. Inside the 100 essential pieces of classical music i want to put
    %various artist% - symphony group- / files.flac.

1.. So i want to remove the album in 100s of folder names.

  1. Remove the - feat symphony group from the files.
    (-feat) is something random, the thing after this is the part i want.

  2. Change the folders to Artist - Symphony group/ Files (with no symphony group).flac

Probably will take two steps, but i cant get it to work.
when i try to change the folder with _directory it doesnt work
i think my syntax is wrong.

A proper WIndows path would look like this:

I think you should find out, how your emulation represents such paths.

You do not say a lot about the data in the tags.
Does ALBUM have the string that you want for the folder name?
Where does the "symphony group" come from?

ill try it,

i edited my post.

most of the data in the tags are correct.
the "symphony group" is in the files. 1. - name - -feat - symphonygroup

folders- % Artist% -%Album%
i just want to remove %album% from all the folders. and then have 1 big one with lots of artist inside

Yeah its not working for some reason

when i do the Z:\users\kevin\music\%album%\%artist$\

my application crashes

If this is the original string: Z:\users\kevin\music\%album%\%artist$\
the check the last variable: it should %artist%

Also, see this thread on renaming in vmware: /t/12833/1

That was probably why it crashed.

its suppose to be




Basically when i do the command it just doesnt do anything 0/100.

It suppose to be just this right? cause im already in the \Music\ folder

%album%\%artist% - %albumartist%

But when i do this it crashes

I think there are tens of thousands of Mac users out there who use MP3tag just like that.
I honestly do not know why you have such difficulties.
I can tell you what a filename or pathname should look like in Windows. To what degree that matches your local environment, I cannot tell.

If you read the linked thread, then you find that in the end the function
was used and it worked. Apparently, there were difficulties while using an action.
I am not sure that you tried that way.

This thread becomes confusing more and more.
I suggest to make a new beginning to get a solution for the problem.

Hmm, what is the problem?
There are files already stored within a folder structure, ... and the folder structure should be changed.

Usually this is a simple exercise, when the required data are stored in tag-fields within the files.
So make sure that all relevant tag-fields got their data.
The tag-field ARTIST should have the correct value, which is the name of the artist.
The tag-field ALBUM should have the correct value, which is the name of the album.
... and so forth.

When all data are accessible from within a tag field, ...
then build the new folder tree from the given data, ...
and simultaneous move the files into the new folder tree.

Apply an "Action Format value: _FILENAME" or "Convert Tag-Filename" ...
and create the new folder/filename structure onto the disc, ...
by using the values from the tag-fields.