_DIRECTORY in action "guess values"

Using information tag _DIRECTORY in action Guess values does not work.
If I first move (action format value) to another field (e.g. comment) then Guess values from the other field would work.

I cannot confirm that.
I just imported data from the directory
Ambient Diary.One - 1997
with the mask
%album% - %year%

Please note that the source in the action "Guess value" has to be the reference to the field contents, e.g. %_directory% and not the field name _DIRECTORY.

Based on your input I did try and error and found file mp3tag.cfg was the guily one.
I tried on a fresh install (backuped first %appdata%/mp3tag before uninstall). All good.
I replaced the faulty file with another from older backup and problem solved.