Directory listing problem


Suppose I selected folders from Madonna directory. It will show me all files from different albums/directories. But when I select one track to edit in the TAG PANEL, in DIRECTORY shows previous directory not correct one, where MP3 file is located. Kind of confusing when you know that (for example) track "Frozen" is located in the directory "Madonna", instead of original album/directory "Ray of Light".
Also it will be nice we could rename tags as Directory name to Album name.


The directory field in the tag panel shows the working directory which is the folder where the last loading action started.
If you want to be the working directory to be the same as the file direcrtory, load only files from one folder at a time.

It is already possible to import the folder name into a tag field, see the FAQs:

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • I do know that if I open separate folder then it will shows real directory name but still should be better if it could be done via opening different folders and where files will display real directory name and not "last opened".

  • Tried converting Directory name to Album tag and it worked, thanx.


You know that this field in the tag-panel allows you to switch between the last opened directories?
If you don't want to see it at all, just disable it.

If you want to see the actual directory for each file you can configure that in the list-view, i.e. add a column with the value %_folderpath%.

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I am talking about TAG PANEL.(CTRL+Q)
Right Mouse + Customize.
And there is not such a field as %_folderpath% or _FOLDERPATH but there is only _DIRECTORY