Directory listing problem

Suppose I selected folders from Madonna directory. It will show me all files from different albums/directories. But when I select one track to edit in the TAG PANEL, in DIRECTORY shows previous directory not correct one, where MP3 file is located. Kind of confusing when you know that (for example) track "Frozen" is located in the directory "Madonna", instead of original album/directory "Ray of Light".
Also it will be nice we could rename tags as Directory name to Album name.

The directory field in the tag panel shows the working directory which is the folder where the last loading action started.
If you want to be the working directory to be the same as the file direcrtory, load only files from one folder at a time.

It is already possible to import the folder name into a tag field, see the FAQs:

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • I do know that if I open separate folder then it will shows real directory name but still should be better if it could be done via opening different folders and where files will display real directory name and not "last opened".

  • Tried converting Directory name to Album tag and it worked, thanx.

You know that this field in the tag-panel allows you to switch between the last opened directories?
If you don't want to see it at all, just disable it.

If you want to see the actual directory for each file you can configure that in the list-view, i.e. add a column with the value %_folderpath%.

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I am talking about TAG PANEL.(CTRL+Q)
Right Mouse + Customize.
And there is not such a field as %_folderpath% or _FOLDERPATH but there is only _DIRECTORY


I had the same problem with the Directory value in the Tag Panel. I expected it to be the actual Directory of the selected record/MP3 file. After the last post of Poster in this thread, I tried to add a field with the the FolderPath value but, same as for Agenda, it didn't work.

Can anyone, please, answer and give detailed instructions?

Thank you in advance,

The tag panel cannot show field variables starting with an underscore.
The only exception is the current working directory.

Right. That I understood from the posts in this thread.

My question is how to show in the tag panel the actual path of the selected MP3.

Not at all - as you cannot add a field with an underscore in the name.
But that has also been said before.

I'm not sure what you mean by "not at all", to what of my sentences you're referring to. Could you please be more explicit in your answer?

I'll be more explicit in my question.

Is there a way to see the actual path of a selected MP3 in the tag panel? If so, I'd like to get instructions how to do it.

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as you cannot add a field with an underscore in the name.

OK. Now it is clear. Very unfortunate but clear enough.

Thank you

I admit that the shown directory breaks the concept a little.
But the rule is that all items in the tag panel have to be applicable (potentially) to all files.
The fields with an underscore show mainly properties that cannot be modified by MP3tag (like the length, the bitrate etc) - you find them in the field list for informational fields.
So you still have to resort to a column in the files list to show the respective path.

I understand. It makes sense when you explain that the difference between the "with" and the "without" underscore is the option to edit the field. Thank you for the explanation.

Actually, I wanted the path field in the tag panel to be able to edit it; to do a "move file" by editing the path. I tried to do it in the column in the files list and, as expected, couldn't do it because it's not editable.

Since the "move" issue is a different issue, I think it's better to open a new thread (I've already looked for a solution in older threads but couldn't find any)

Thanks again!