Directory Load speed

Hi Florian,

First of all thanks for developing this tool, I have been a long time user and fan...

My music directory is now pretty big, +/-12, 000 tracks, and I was wondering if there was a way to speed up the loading of the directories, or file information?

I realize a large part of the problem lies with my PC, processor, memory, disks etc, but could you give an option to include MP3tag into the start up folder, and start reading the selected directories in the background, on a low priority?

Many thanks,

On thing you can do is to remove enbedded covers and have them as cover image files on the music folder.


AFAIK Windows is already a multi-tasking operating system.
So you can include MP3tag in the autostart group and let it run minimized. I do not see the necessity for an extra option.

And considering "pretty big" collections: there are users in the forum who claim to have collections of well above 100,000 tracks ... and they still use MP3tag.

How fast are other programs in comparison? E.g. iTunes or Foobar2000 if they scan through the whole list?