Directory Name > Album Title


hi there, i currently have around 1000 albums, all of which have folders in the format of artist - album title

now alot of my albums have id3 tags for the artist and song title but not album title.

is there a way i can convert the directory name to be the artist - album in the id3 tag? sory if im not very clear i cant think of a better way to explain this

thanks, russ


Hi Russ,

just use the converter Filename - Tag with a formatstring like
to import the directory name to the album tag field.

Best regards,
~ Florian


thanks for the prompt reply florian.
my next question is that i have some various artist albums, would it be possible so instead of copying the full directory name eg "various - essential r&b 2004" i could justhave "essential r&b 2004" in the album tag field?

thanks in advance, russ

ps i love this prog, its made my life so much easier. thanks for all your hard-work :smiley:


Just use
%dummy% - %album%\%dummy%
on these albums.

Best regards,
~ Florian


your a god, thanku hehe