Directory name based on average bitrate

I've done a search and found the code for calculating an average bitrate:


What I haven't found (or been able to figure out) is how to use this to rename the directory based on this output. What I would like is a path like \music\artist\album-[avg bitrate]. What I've gotten so far on my first attempt is a separate directory for each song with that song's bitrate in the directory name. Not quite what I was hoping for. Any suggestions (if this is possible?)


Hmmm. No One? :huh:

I found a semi-automated way that is almost as good in that using the html_dano_01_ex_mp3tag Export Configuration and telling it "One file per directory" produces the info that is much faster than using Mr. Questionman was.

Yes you must use the export function to generate this information.
You can write a text file with the export and import the info with "Convert > text file - tag" to a tag field, then rename your directory based on the new tag field.