Directory Name inserted in to Comment Field?

Hi All,

Just started using this editor and so far its great; one thing though which I was hoping to do though was to insert the name of the directory (that the mp3) is in to the comment field (replacing anything that is there).

If I've taken 2 or 3 tracks from an album (and placed them elsewhere) its nice to be able to see that in the comment field.. it came from 'x' album (as per the name of the directory it used to be under)

Is this possible with mp3tag?


Use the converter menue. Tag - Tag
Format String: %_directory%

If you want further explantions in the comment-tag you could expand the format string, i.e.
Format String: Originally from Album "%_directory%

You can also use an equivalent action with the action menue of the type "Format Values".

thanks! :slight_smile: